Hello! It’s Rich Keeble here and this is my website. Please have a look around.

Currently seen in: The Topcashback TV ad where I’m sitting on a hippo, and some videos for Doubleshot TV like this, this and this.

Currently heard on: The comedy Love Island (ITV2) adverts (Instamafilter and Small Talkulator), and the Property Partner TV ad with the people who have houses for heads.

Soon: Total War: Warhammer video game DLC (voice), Pepe’s TV advert (voice), Wrap Recycle Week advert (voice), Animal Antics TV show (voice and face), Rich Keeble Vanity Project Series 2 (voice, face, torso)

You may also have seen me in Birds of a Feather (ITV), The Delivery Man (ITV), Fool Britannia (ITV), Alan Carr’s New Year (and Summer) Specstacular (Channel 4), Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show (BBC), The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night (Channel 4), those BBC idents with the panda, the Big Uno McDonald’s advert, the Lidl Christmas advert, as well as the street, tube or even your house.

Please check out my video page (which includes my presenting reel), my voice page for examples of my voiceover work, and find details for my lovely acting and voice agents on the contact page. My latest CV is on Spotlight and of course there’s always IMDb isn’t there. Oh and Wikipedia.

I do also occasionally update my blog with stuff, tweet, make Vines, post on Instagram and use Snapchat (as therichkeeble).