Oh hello! It’s Rich Keeble here. As seen on Birds of a Feather, The Delivery Man, Fool Britannia, Alan Carr’s New Year (and Summer) Specstacular, Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show, The Feeling Nuts Comedy Night, those BBC idents with the panda, the Big Uno McDonald’s advert and a load of stuff on the web.


I’m not in Edinburgh this year, so I’m actually earning money. I’ve just done a VO for a Carphone Warehouse commercial which I think will be out soon. I’m also filming a comedic improvised xmas advert for a supermarket soon. I’m quite pleased about that, not just cos of the money but cos it was all improv in the castings so I guess they must’ve thought I was at least “quite” funny.

Other news:
I signed with a new voice agent not that long ago - Loud and Clear Voices. It’s quite exciting because I’m now effectively hanging out with the likes of Julia Sawalha, Noel Clarke, Dominic Carter from GoT, Bradley Walsh and Peter Richardson.

The first series of our new web show Rich Keeble Vanity Project is up on Youtube! We shot everything in a single day, mainly improvised and then Sam edited it down to 6 short episodes. I’m actually pretty pleased with it, although it’s not for everyone. Please check it out!

I was just in Victoria Pile’s new ITV sitcom The Delivery Man where I have a nice little scene with Paddy McGuinness. Actually it’s 2 scenes. Victoria did Green Wing as you may recall and directed me in that panda ad I did a while back, so it’s all very exciting.

I just starred in an interactive training game as a comic presenter/narrator character, directed by Mark McGann – so if you work for Zurich you may well be forced to stare at my irritating face.

I’m now trying to become an internet celebrity by doing my own comedy Vines like the one below. Please follow me, like me, revine me and just basically love me! Please!!

Luke and I have actually starting editing our Edinburgh show film. You can still check out the trailer and a of bit info about the show and its guests here. Not doing a show this year but we are working on Series 2 of Method.

I was on Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular on Channel 4 again, and they didn’t cut me out. You can watch it on 4od. I’m the 24 hours in custody sketch at about 29:40 (I speak at 32:23) and the wolf of benefits st sketch at 1:08:07 (I speak at 1:11:08)

I recently had a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance in a scene with Angelos Epithemiou (Dan Skinner) for Feeling Nuts/Stand up to Cancer on Channel 4.

The McDonalds advert I was in may be old news now but it’s still online! My comedy associate Luke Kaile is well underway with the Indiegogo campaign for his film The Criminal Audition. I’m in the pitch video, and as I’m now officially ‘announced’ as being in the film, I did some mock interviews about my role (which is actually quite brief) here.

Believe it or not I contributed some talking heads style comic interviews to some sports entertainment programs recently. Not sure when those are out but I’ll certainly let you know!

More stuff on the blog of course.

If you’re in the mood after that please check out my reel or the Watch page for some of my TV and online stuff. Also, don’t forget to check out my amazing free podcast, that I intend to keep going for a while yet: Backgammon on the Toilet. More info on the blog! We’ve also revived our free All in the Method comedy podcast on iTunes so please check that out! Don’t forget also that the actual All in the Method series (which just won an award at LA Webfest) still exists! Speak to you soon!


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