Hello! It’s Rich Keeble here: TV actor, comedian, VO artist/voice actor, audiobook narrator, whatever. You might have seen me on telly in shows like Doctors, Porters, or Through The Keyhole. You might have heard me on Inside No.9 and various video games like Strange Brigade or Astrologaster and ads like Pedigree Jumbone.

I get some lovely comments on Twitter for my Topcashback ads.

Please check out my stuff! I need validation x

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COMING IN 2020...

Criminal Audition, the film in which I play William – one of the lead characters – has been getting great reviews after its appearance at FrightFest. It was featured as one of “10 human horror highlights”, by Sight & Sound and in Entertainment Focus’ list of “10 hidden gems you need to see”. Should be coming out in 2020.

Criminal landscape
  • “Keeble’s comedy background is clear, and yet his weaselly mannerisms make him both unlikable yet sympathetic, as he gradually loses control of the situation.”

    Luke Ryan Baldock
  • “Most of this feels centred on the hapless William, who clearly becomes more out of his depth as the night progresses. Luckily, Rich Keeble does a great job with this and holds it all together as a focal point, while the world around William falls apart.”

    Steve Harcourt
  • “Rich Keeble as William is excellent… with William’s fading confidence replaced by fear and powerlessness being convincing.”

    Gareth Beverstock
    Horror DNA
  • “My only qualm about the film? I couldn’t get Rich Keeble’s Topcashback ads out of my head for the entire time I was watching!”

    Phil Wheat








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