My Doctors episode just came out and I was very excited to see that I wasn’t terrible. I play craft beer expert “Masculus”. I was very fortunate to do this character because the episode basically revolves around him and I got to work with most of the main cast. You can watch on iPlayer and there’s a couple of clips in that video to give you a taste.

Criminal landscape

Criminal Audition, the film in which I play William – one of the lead characters – has been getting great reviews after its appearance at FrightFest. It was featured as one of “10 human horror highlights”, by Sight & Sound and in Entertainment Focus’ list of “10 hidden gems you need to see”. Should be coming out in 2020.

  • “Keeble’s comedy background is clear, and yet his weaselly mannerisms make him both unlikable yet sympathetic, as he gradually loses control of the situation.”

    Luke Ryan Baldock
  • “Most of this feels centred on the hapless William, who clearly becomes more out of his depth as the night progresses. Luckily, Rich Keeble does a great job with this and holds it all together as a focal point, while the world around William falls apart.”

    Steve Harcourt
  • “Rich Keeble as William is excellent… with William’s fading confidence replaced by fear and powerlessness being convincing.”

    Gareth Beverstock
    Horror DNA
  • “My only qualm about the film? I couldn’t get Rich Keeble’s Topcashback ads out of my head for the entire time I was watching!”

    Phil Wheat


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    Topcashback TVC
  • meandpaddy
    The Delivery Man (ITV)
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    The Rebel (UKTV Gold)
  • blobby
    The Last Leg (Channel 4)
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    Birds of a Feather (ITV)
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    BBC Connect TV Idents
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    You Took My Stuff
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    Bad Snappers (Comedy Central)
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    Meet the Voice of…. Frank Fairburne
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    Rich Keeble Vanity Project
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    Dexit (radio play live at the Comedy Store)
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    McDonalds TVC
  • Angelos
    Feeling Nuts (Channel 4)
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    Alan Carr’s New Year Specstacular (Channel 4)
  • Hannibal2
    Fool Britannia (ITV)
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    Topcashback TVC
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    Doubleshot TV
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    The Rebel (Gold)
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    Porters (Dave)
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    The Last Leg (Channel 4)
  • meandpaddy2
    The Delivery Man (ITV)
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    Meet the Voice of… Frank Fairburne
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    Centraal Beheer TVC
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    Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV)
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    Zurich training video
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    Bad Snappers (Comedy Central)
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    Centraal Beheer TVC
  • Rob Beth 3
    Rob & Beth (Turtle Canyon Comedy)
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    McDonalds TVC
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    Rich Keeble Vanity Project
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    Rich Keeble Vanity Project
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    Rich Keeble Vanity Project
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    Through the Keyhole (ITV)
  • vlcsnap 2019 04 02 15h16m34s330
    Warren (BBC1)
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    Moo TVC
  • vlcsnap 2019 04 07 16h47m59s913 TVC
  • National Advocacy Competition at the University of Hertfordshire 2019 © Photography by Pete Stevens

Hello! It’s Rich Keeble here: actor, VO artist/voice actor, audiobook narrator. My career highlights include being assaulted with a drinks trolley by Simon Callow, slapped in the face by Sally Lindsay and being jumped on by Mr Blobby. I’ve also got to be a dick to Daniel Mays, Martin Clunes and Keith Lemon, and worked with the likes of Dawn French, Idris Elba, Steve Pemberton & Reece Shearsmith, Jason Sudeikis as well as filling in at readthroughs for Kenneth Branagh and Rutger Hauer. I narrated Mesut Özil’s autobiography, popped up in Birds of a Feather and got cut out of a Michael Caine film. People love to slag me off on Twitter for my Topcashback ads.


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