***NOVEMBER*** Hello you. Rich Keeble here. We’re still looking through all the footage for the eventual film that we’ll piece together about our Edinburgh show. In other news the McDonalds advert is still online if not on the telly any more, I’m shooting a small role in Victoria Pile’s new ITV sitcom The Delivery Man in December, and I’m in the pitch video for The Criminal Audition Indiegogo campaign.

Please check out my reel or the Watch page for some of my TV and online stuff.

Don’t forget to check out my amazing free podcast, that I intend to keep going for a while yet: Backgammon on the Toilet. More info on the blog!

We’ve also revived our free All in the Method comedy podcast on iTunes so please check that out! Don’t forget also that the actual All in the Method series (which just won an award at LA Webfest) still exists!

Speak to you soon!

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