I played Mr Arnold in the last season of Good Omens (Amazon) opposite David Tennant & Michael Sheen, and recently appeared as Jon Richardson’s dentist in Meet the Richardsons (Dave), and Trevor in The Change (Channel 4). I worked with Matthew Macfadyen on Stonehouse (ITV) played Toby in “that” Series 4 episode of Ghosts (BBC1), Jared in Trying (Apple TV), various characters in Series 1 & 2 of The Emily Atack Show (ITV2), a rapping dad in Idris Elba’s In The Long Run (Sky) and Mark ‘Masculus’ Waddington in Doctors (BBC1). I also popped up as PC Mortimer in Porters (UKTV Dave) and I played three different characters (one on-camera and two additional voice characters) in Martin Clunes’ sitcom Warren (BBC1). Other television credits include Inside No.9 (BBC2), The Rebel (UKTV Gold) opposite Simon Callow, Not Going Out (BBC1), Birds of a Feather (ITV), The Last Leg (Channel 4) and Through The Keyhole (ITV).

I’ll be appearing as Brian in Rivals on Disney+ later in 2024.


My web series Rich Keeble Vanity Project won Best British Series at UK Webfest 2016 and Pilot Light TV Fest 2017, and was described by British Comedy Guide as “Laugh-out-loud” as well as featured on Chortle’s “Best Comedy on Demand”. The follow up is a new spoof online chat show called Rich Keeble Zoom Chats where I play the same stupid character version of myself, but this time attempting to interview notable guests.

I starred in Turtle Canyon Comedy’s short Rob & Beth, and regularly worked on Hunka Wunda, written by David Bussell, Matthew Stott and Madeleine Brettingham  and featuring comedy circuit familiar faces Mark Davison, Kat Bond, Jayde Adams (before she was super famous), Holly Burn, and Ali Brice. I also worked on Comedy Central’s Bad Snappers and Waiting (with Ryan Sampson).


I play lead William in dark comedy indie feature Criminal Audition, which came out on Amazon Prime, Sky Store etc in October 2020. Watch the trailer here. I’ve had some nice reviews from its FrightFest premiere and press screenings:

“Rich Keeble as William is excellent… with William’s fading confidence replaced by fear and powerlessness being convincing.” – Horror DNA

“Most of this feels centred on the hapless William, who clearly becomes more out of his depth as the night progresses. Luckily, Rich Keeble does a great job with this and holds it all together as a focal point, while the world around William falls apart.”Nerdspan 

“Keeble’s comedy background is clear, and yet his weaselly mannerisms make him both unlikable yet sympathetic, as he gradually loses control of the situation.”The Hollywood News
I’ve also previously provided the voice of DJ Dave in Finding Fatimahand shot a small role in the Michael Caine film King of Thieves, but they cut my scene. I’ve played other dramatic roles in indie features like Eva’s Diamond, The Addicted and M.O.N.E.Y starring Wil Johnson.


I occasionally get recognised, shouted at in pubs or on the street, and trolled on Twitter from having starred in the Topcashback adverts since 2015. First I was sitting on a hippo, and as of 2017, I was doing a lot of walking.  Sadly as of December 2020, I won’t be doing them any more as the last one had been on for 3 years and we couldn’t film a new one due to Covid, so I’ll be replaced with an animated ad.

I also did comic adverts for McDonald’s and a recurring ident on the BBC (the one with the panda) where I worked with director Victoria Pile for the first time. I’ve also recently shot some for Moo, Ricardo and Centraal Beheer.



I’m currently in a double act with Ben Green (Keeble & Green) performing in character as “From Both Ends”. I also performed the radio play Dexit at the Comedy Store, and did a sketch/stand up show called Kaile, Keeble & Kuntz at Edinburgh in 2014 with Luke Kaile.

I did a little bit of stand up-esque storytelling at Alexis Strum’s The Time I Almost… last year which was my first time in while… I’ve thought about getting back into stand up but my wife doesn’t think I’m very good at it.


I did a play a few years as real life double agent Donald MacLean in A Morning with Guy Burgess at the Courtyard Theatre, London, which was featured on the BBC Review Show. I also appeared in Halfway House and Criminal Audition at the Etcetera Theatre. (That last one was the play on which the eventual film was based…)

I also enjoy a bit of roleplay – I recently played the defendant in a weekend of being cross examined for the National Law Advocacy Competition.

Voiceovers/Video Games/Audiobooks

Voice work often keeps me out of trouble and I have done a few TV & Radio adverts, video games and audio books. Audiobooks include Mesut Özil’s autobiography and a few other football books. I’ve also done a variety of other fiction and non-fiction. You can check them all out on Audible. Some pretty good reviews actually!

Notable video game work includes Frank Fairburne in Strange Brigade, The Blightreaper in Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Ungrol Stoneheart’ in Total War: Warhammer and Robert Devereux in Astrologaster.

To stop this website getting too unwieldy, I have a specialist voiceover site at


I’ve done loads of music stuff over the years, but I’m currently focussing on stuff with “Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians”.

For more info on past and other current projects encompassing garage rock, electro pop, anti folk and experimental noise please have a look at the music page!

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