In March 2020 when Covid kicked off, everything closed and we were only allowed outside the house to exercise once a day, I started running. Some friends and I started a virtual challenge of logging our mileage and seeing how far we could get around the world. After a few months of regular running I’d managed to go from barely being able to run 5K without walking, to running over 13.1miles/21.1K – the half marathon distance. After falling out of the habit a bit at the end of 2021 and noticing a drop off in fitness, I started marathon training in December of that year, and ran my first marathon in Brighton in April 2022 in 3:53 – not too bad a time.

I documented my marathon itself and the 16 weeks of training preceding it in a number of video training vlogs viewable below or on my YouTube channel. After recovering from the marathon I decided it would be a shame to throw away that fitness so I signed up for a number of other races (including Manchester Marathon 2023) and am keen to improve my race times etc going forward. Running appears to be extremely good for my fitness, energy levels and mental health, so I hope to add further running videos in the future. 

Feel free to follow me on Strava if you’re into that sort of thing.

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