2020, THE DUCHESS (NETFLIX), Ted – 1 epsiode to TX late 2020, (Clerkenwell Films/Dir: Toby MacDonald)
2020, IN THE LONG RUN (Sky), TBA, 1 episode Series 3 to TX 2020 (ITLR Productions/Dir: Sandy Johnson)
2020, GLASS HOUSES (ITV), Radio DJ / Phone caller (voices) 2 episodes to TX 2020(Genial Productions/Dir: Ben Gregor)
2019, DOCTORS (BBC1), TBA, 1 episode to TX December 2019 (BBC/Dir: Amy Coop)
2019, WARREN (BBC1), Shop Assistant/Radio DJ (voice)/Taxi Operator (voice), 3 episodes (Hattrick/Dir: Ben Gosling Fuller)
2019, PORTERS (Dave/UKTV), PC Mortimer, 1 episode Series 2 (Dancing Ledge/Dir: Vadim Jean)
2018, INSIDE NO.9 (BBC2), Radio DJ / Spirit voice, 1 episode LIVE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (BBC/Dir: Barbara Wiltshire)
2018, THROUGH THE KEYHOLE (ITV1) Richard the lawyer, 1 episode – XMAS SPECIAL VT (Talkback/Dir: Tommy Forbes)
2018, JOE LYCETT’S GOT YOUR BACK (Channel 4), Phil the Satanist, 1 episode – Non TX Pilot VT (Rumpus Media/Dir: Tommy Forbes)
2018, ANT & DEC’S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY, Driving examiner (1 episode – most of my VT was cut as Ant had just been arrested for drink driving)
2018, THE BIG NARSTIE SHOW (Channel 4), TV Executive, 1 episode – Non TX Pilot VT (Expectation Entertainment/Dir: Toby Baker)
2017, THE REBEL (GOLD/UKTV), Ticket inspector, 1 episode Series 2 (Retort/Dir: Vadim Jean)
2017, THE LAST LEG (Channel 4), Terence Penfence/Archaeologist, 2 episodes (Open Mike/Dir: Rufus Tanner/Rhe-an Archibald) – I shot a hidden camera VT for a 3rd episode but it got cut due to a rewrite)
2016, SAM DELANEY’S NEWS THING (RT), Simon, 1 episode VT, (Studio Sixty Billion/Dir: Kevin Curtis)
2016, ANIMAL ANTICS (Viasat Nature), Myself/Talking Head, 13 episodes (Woodcut Media/Dir: Nick Mavroidakis)
2015, THE DELIVERY MAN (ITV), Photographer, 1 episode (Monicker Pictures/Dir: Victoria Pile)
2012-2015, ALAN CARR’S NEW YEAR SPECSTACULAR (Channel 4), Various VT characters, 3 episodes (Open Mike/Dir: Tommy Forbes)
2014, BIRDS OF A FEATHER (ITV), Bookshop Manager, 1 episode Series 10 (Retort/Dir: Nick Wood)
2014, THE FEELING NUTS SPECIAL (Channel 4), Man accosted by Angelos Epithemiou, (Fulwell 73/Dir: Andy Shepherd)
2013, DOM JOLY’S FOOL BRITANNIA (ITV), Various characters, 2 episodes (ITV/Dir: Paul Young)
2013, THE LOVEBOMB (E4), Bob, Non TX pilot (Rumpus/Dir: John Pereira)
2010-2011, LEE NELSON’S WELL GOOD SHOW (BBC3), Reporter, 2 episodes Series 1 & 2 (Avalon/Dir: Adam Wimpenny/Rebecca Rycroft)

2019, CRIMINAL AUDITION, William (Mordue Pictures/Dir: Sam Gridley) – premiered at FrightFest 2019 to great reviews, should be out 2020
2018, KING OF THIEVES, Security Operative (Working Title/Dir: James Marsh) – I had a nice scene in this Michael Caine film, I was worried they might cut my lines but they cut the whole scene instead!
2018, FINDING FATIMAH, DJ Dave/Additional voices (Giant Images/British Muslim TV/Dir: Oz Arshad) – I think they cut a lot of my stuff from the theatrical release for the digital release
2016, THE DEPENDENTS (SHORT), The Harvester (Muzzle the Pig/Dir: Sam Gridley)
2015, SURVIVORS, Dr. Williams (Initiative Film & Media/Dir: Adam Spinks)
2011, THE ADDICTED/REHAB(USA), John Howard – TV Exec, (Recoil Films/Dir: Sean J Vincent)
2011, EVA’S DIAMOND, Oregano (The Soob Productions/Dir: Ice Neal)

2019, WAITING, Rupert (voice) – “Cupboard” episode, (Comedy Central/Dir: Freddie Walters) – stars Ryan Sampson and Haz Webb
2018, ROB AND BETH, Rob (lead) (Turtle Canyon Comedy/Dir: Stuart Laws) – written by TV writer James Farmer
2018, STRANGE BRIGADE: MEET THE VOICE OF… , Himself/Frank Fairbourne – 1 episode (Rebellion)
2017, LAST LEG: THE CORRESPONDENTS (CARIAD LLOYD EPISODE), Hand Sanitiser Man, (Open Mike/Channel 4 online/Dir: Tommy Forbes)
2017, BAD SNAPPERS, Vicar, 2 episodes (Comedy Central/Dir: Lisa Fairbank)
2016, RICH KEEBLE VANITY PROJECT Rich, 13 episodes, Dir: Edd Wright/Sam/me
2016, SHOTGUN (YOUTUBE PILOT), Rich, (Maker/Disney/Dir: Sam LeGassick)
2014, THE KAILE & KEEBLE / KEEBLE & KAILE SKETCH SHOW, Various Roles (also co-writer) (Muzzle the Pig/Various Directors)
2014, HUNKA WUNDA (INTERNET COMEDY SKETCH SERIES), Various characters/voices, 3 episodes (Dir: Matthew Stott/David Bussell)
2013, AGAINST THE CLOCK (WEB SERIES), Rob (regular), (What it Takes/Muzzle the Pig/Dir: Richard Osborne)
2013, ALL IN THE METHOD (INTERNET SITCOM), Rich / various voices (also co-writer), (Muzzle the Pig/Dir: Chris Chapman/Adam Spinks)

Video Games
TBC, OLD GODS RISING, Professor Lewis (Bad Blood Studios)
TBC, DEAD MAN’S PHONE, Home Secretary (Electric Noir Studios)
TBC, THE PETERSON CASE, TBA (Quarter Circle Games/Dir: Josh Baker)
TBC, DON’T EVEN THINK, TBA (Heavy Entertainment Ltd/Perfect World Games/Dir: Siyuan Lin)
TBC, EXODUS RISING, Narrator (Studio14 Entertainment)
2019, RISE OF KINGDOMS, Caesar (Lilith Games/Dir: Siyuan Lin)
2019, WAR SONG, Horton/Gatlin/Bangar/Robin (Heavy Entertainment Ltd/Dir: Siyuan Lin)
2019, ANCESTORS LEGACY – Saladin’s Conquest DLC, Crusader Knight/Crusader Sergeant/Spy/ Hassassin/Balian (Destructive Creations/Dir: Oskar Maleszko)
2019, ASTROLOGASTER, Robert Devereaux (Nyamyam Games/Sound Cuts/Dir: Adele Cutting)
2018, WARHAMMER: VERMINTIDE 2 – SHADOWS OVER BOGENHAFEN, The Blightreaper (Fat Shark/Dir: David Wahlund)
2018, LEAGUE OF ANGELS 3, King of Darkness/Lightning Ghost/Blood Prince (Heavy Entertainment Ltd/Dir: Siyuan Lin)
2018, STRANGE BRIGADE, Frank (main player character – including mocap) (Rebellion/Dir: Kasumi Kitano)
2017, BATTLE BOOM, various (Heavy Entertainment Ltd/FourThirtyThree Inc/Dir: Sam Gunn)
2017, CRIMSON SAGA: DRAGONORE, Various Roles (Heavy Entertainment Ltd/GTarcade/Dir: Sam Gunn)
2016, ELITE DANGEROUS: HORIZONS, Anarchic Flight Control/USA Crew/Audio Logs (Frontier Developments/Dir: Joe Hogan)
2016, TOTAL WAR: WARHAMMER – Call of the Beastmen DLC, Ungrol Stoneheart (Creative Assembly/Dir: Rosalie Wilson)
2016, EVE: VALKYRIE, US Captain/Pilots/Crew (The East Wing/CCP/Dir: John Baitey)

TV Commercials
2019,, Drummer (lead) (Stories AG/Martini Shot/Dir: Jon Barber)
2019, MOO.COM (“LET’S GET PHYSICAL”), Lead guy (Rattling Stick/Dir: Joe Wheatley/Pilgrim)
2018, CENTRAAL BEHEER, Lead guy (Holy Fools/Dir: Joris Dommels)
2017, TOPCASHBACK, Lead guy (Active Pictures/Family Film/Dir: Phil Hawkins)
2016, #EFFORTLESS DOUBLESHOT, Lead guy (Doubleshot/Dir: Jade Thomas)
2015, TOP CASHBACK, Lead/hero, (Chief/Dir: Ben Tonge)
2015, LIDL CHRISTMAS COMMERCIAL, Teacher (Mr Keeble), (Outsider/Dir: Jim Gilchrist)
2014, MCDONALD’S – MY BURGER, Jerry (lead), (Biscuit/Dir: Tony Barry)
2013, BBC CONNECTED TV, Gary (lead), (Dir: Red Bee Media/BBC/Dir: Victoria Pile)

2020, The Guest List – by Lucy Foley (Harper Collins) – I read the Johnno chapters
2019, This is a Book For People Who Love Hot Sauce – by Matt Garczynski (Running Press)
2019, The Effortless Mind: Meditation for the Modern World – by Will Williams (Simon & Schuster)- Narrated by the author but I read selected quotes/sections
2019, The Creativity Code: How AI Is Learning to Write, Paint and Think – by Marcus du Sautoy (Harper Collins)
2018, The Club: How the Premier League Became the Richest, Most Disruptive Business in Sport – by Jonathan Clegg & Joshua Robinson (John Murray)
2018, Under the Knife: A History of Surgery in 28 Remarkable Operations – by Arnold van de Laar (Hodder & Stoughton)
2017, Enemies of the People – By Sam Jordison (Harper Collins)
2017, Obsession – by Amanda Robson (Harper Collins) – I read the character of “Craig”
2017, Gunning for Greatness: My Life (Hodder & Stoughton) – by Mesut Özil
2017, The Explorer – By James Smythe (Harper Collins)


Rich Keeble “In The Bath” (2018) – Limited edition CDR with rubber duck and tea bag. Also DL

with Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians (vocals and guitar)
Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians “Don’t Park Up My Drive” (2019) – special edition cassette/DL single (Dave, Jon & Rich versions)
Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians “My Doppelgänger” (2019) – limited edition 7 inch lathe cut clear vinyl/DL single
Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians “Bellend Tattoo (Remixes)” (2018) – 3″ mini CDR/DL EP
Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians “Lazy EP” (2018) – 3″ mini CDR/DL EP
Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians “You Took My Stuff / Oh No, I Know! (Part 1)” (2017) – 3″ mini CDR/DL single
Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians “Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians” (2017) – CDR album/DL

as Rysiek/Rysiunio (electronics/noise)
Rysiek/Rysiunio “Your Children Are Far Less Interesting Than You Realise” (2019) – 3″ mini CDR mini-album

with CELLS (bass)
CELLS CELLSNOTCELLS (2019) – limited edition mini 3″ 2xCDR with hand drawn covers
CELLS – Live Bootleg Series: Spunk Club (2019) – cassette

with Static Statek (various instruments)
Static Statek “Untitled EP” (2019) – 3″ mini CDR
Static Statek “Volume I” (2018) – 3xCDR/USB stick/DL

with Goodbye Sergeants (vocals/guitar)
Goodbye Sergeants “Now Here’s What I Assume Is Goodbye Sergeants! 10 Years (2007-2017)” (2017) – B/card Data DVD/DL
Goodbye Sergeants “An Opuscule Worthy of a Monstrance” (2009) – CDR/DL EP
Goodbye Sergeants “Demonstration CD 2008” – CDR
Goodbye Sergeants “Live at the Buffalo Bar” – CDR
Goodbye Sergeants “Boy Band Kind of Way” (2007) – DL single

with The Pistol Gang & The Preacher (drums)
The Pistol Gang & The Preacher “Live & Leftover” (2017) – DL
The Pistol Gang & The Preacher “The Whole Day” ?EP (2017) – DL
The Pistol Gang & The Preacher “Bury Them” ?EP (2010) – CDR/DL

with Life As An Agent (vocals/guitar)
Life As An Agent “Running out of Time” (2003) – CD single
Life As An Agent “Carrie” (2002) – CD single
Life As An Agent – s/t (2001) – CDR EP
Life As An Agent – Demo (2001) – CDR

Warbatron feat. Rich Keeble “Lady of the Night / Jessie” (2018) – cassette/DL single
Alta Cruz “The Mountain” (2012) – (vocals) DL

Rock Music is Dead (2016) – DL (Bad Princess)
Bird Strike (2008) – CD (Homeless Pigeon Records)
MUSEXPO Unearthed (2007) – 3xCD? (A&R Worldwide)

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