I started Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians in 2016 after having not done much musically since about 2010, when I decided I was going to be an actor. I play guitar myself and have kept it a three-piece for simplicity, and I think it works really well. Jon (drum) and Dave (bass) are great musicians and we have a lot of fun doing it. Funnily enough, having taken myself quite seriously as a musician in my 20s, I started this band as a late 30s comedy actor purely for the enjoyment of making some music, but interestingly I’d say this is the best music I’ve ever been involved with, without the pressure of trying to be cool or “hitting the big time”. I started my own label (My Telephone Voice Records) to put out the first album, and now I can just release whatever the hell I like!

We released a self-titled album and a single in 2017, an acoustic EP and a remix EP in 2018, and the second album in 2020.  Everything is on Spotify if that’s your music portal of choice, or Bandcamp, iTunes or indeed Youtube and everywhere else you’d expect.

You can also listen on the Soundcloud playlist below.

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