In around 2018 I started the Static Statek project and asked my friend and frequent collaborator Sam LeGassick to get involved. As most of my previous musical output had been around relatively standard song structures I fancied doing something different and more experimental/avant garde.

Therefore the project involves Sam and I swapping vocals, guitars, drums, synths, samplers, loop pedals and homemade noise makers to improvise pieces up to 30 minutes in length. experimental noise.

We recorded the first album, live and entirely improvised in in one day, straight into a Zoom H4 digital recorder. Clocking in at just under 3 hours you could call it “uncomprising” and encompasses noise, punk, shoegaze, drone and electro. I’m actually very pleased with it and we will hopefully do more this year.

The album is available on a special USB stick from my label.

You can listen on Spotify, or on my label Bandcamp where you can also buy a physical version:

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