In 2008 I auditioned for Brighton based indie-rock band The Splendour to replace their recently departed drummer. Instead I actually ended up joining as their keyboard player and backing vocalist. Their album Best Way To Make Money was already ready to go so I played on their 2008 UK summer tour to support it.

The band was being touted as a new Kaiser Chiefs, and as I was actually still in my 20s, we had a blast playing all over the country getting up to mischief. The last date on the tour was at Beachdown Festival in Brighton, which sadly no longer exists, but that photo of us in those costumes will live on forever.

Sadly the band went their separate ways after the tour and I never played on any recordings. It was a good album though! I’d like to re-release it on my label if anyone from the band is reading this and is keen…

(I’m not in this)

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