Brighton Marathon 2024

If you’re not aware, I signed up to the run the Brighton Marathon this year having run it in 2022, and then ran Manchester Marathon in 2023. My 2022 time was 3:53 which I was delighted with and managed to improve on it in 2023 with a time of 3:39. Having had a good solid few months of running towards the end of 2023, and getting my 5K time back down to 19:50, I was optimistic that 2024’s marathon would see another big time increase. Therefore I started a fairly “aggressive” training plan that had 80-100K weeks in the hope that maybe I could get my time down to 3:10. Unfortunately, as ridiculous as this sounds, I slipped in the shower and bruised a rib or something, so I couldn’t run for several weeks, right where I should have been doing my peak training. It was touch and go whether I’d pull out of the marathon altogether, but having managed to start running again a couple of weeks before the race I decided to persevere, hoping my base fitness would carry me through. I was wrong of course, and it was rather an ordeal, although my finish time was actually pretty good considering. Do check out the video if you haven’t already!