We receive literally hundreds of questions daily, so here are some of the most frequently asked. Please see if your question is here before contacting us:

Is this Richard Keeble, the professor of journalism?
No. Afraid not.

Can I get a signed photo of Rich?
No, sorry. However, you could print out a photo from this site, and write ‘Best wishes, Rich Keeble’ on it yourself. No-one’ll know.

Is this Richard Keeble, the author, who is also a proffessor of journalism?
Sorry, no, and that’s not how you spell ‘professor’.

Will Rich be making any public appearances soon?
Technically, Rich appears in public most days.

I notice Rich’s Wikipedia entry claims he died in 1660, and his name is spelt differently. Why is this?
That’s a different person. An easy mistake to make though, so don’t beat yourself up.

Is Rich rich?

Is Rich in any way related to John Keeble, the drummer from Spandau Ballet?
Actually, yes.*


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