You can listen to my new Rich Keeble Vanity Podcast on Soundcloud below, or download for free from iTunes. The idea here is that Sam and I talk about what we would talk about in a podcast. I’ll be honest, it makes me laugh. The show that accompanies it of course, Rich Keeble Vanity Project, is over here!

My groundbreaking comedy/sport podcast Backgammon on the Toilet is on Podbean below and on iTunes here. I got the idea for this off Richard Herring, who plays snooker against himself in his Me1 vs Me2 snooker podcast. It’s basically me playing backgammon against my iPhone while sitting on the toilet and commentating on it. It’s brilliant. Why wouldn’t it be?

You can also check out the occasional podcast I do with Luke Kaile on Itunes here.

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