Hi. I’m Rich Keeble. I can never decide how to best organise my website so here is a special page that just has my latest actor, voice and presenter reels in one place. My agent details as well as CV are at Spotlight and I have also have an IMDb if you prefer.

TV/Commercial Acting Reel 2016

Presenting Reel 2016

Here are my commercial, animation and video games voice reels. (I have a new specific voiceover website that has loads of clips on it here)

Here’s a little video compilation of some things I’ve voiced including the Property Partner ad, Carphone Warehouse ad, and Hunka Wunda comedy show starring award winning comedians like Jayde Adams:

If you would like to view other videos, including full commercials and online series or sketches, or listen to podcasts or music please feel free to explore the rest of my site.

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