Rich Keeble & The More Accomplished Musicians

IMG_8673_WiderRich Keeble is an actor and voiceover artist most recognisable as the man sitting on a hippo in the Topcashback TV adverts, but he’s performed as singer, guitarist, keyboardist and drummer in various bands since the early 2000s.
Keeble brings lead vocals and Big Muff guitar noise to this new band for 2017 which incorporates the ferocious drumming of his long-term collaborator Jon Shortt and the fret busting bass playing of David Johnston to produce garage rock and punk songs about parking etiquette, stolen office stationary and misjudged genital tattoos.
Rich and Jon used to be in Goodbye Sergeants who played all over the country and had a lot of Americans interested in them for about 5 minutes in 2007. Rich also toured as keyboardist with Brighton indie rock outfit The Splendour and as drummer with anti-folk veterans Sergeant Buzfuz in 2008. David plays with acclaimed singer/songwriter Phil King, as well as in Mesadorm with Vaults frontwoman Blythe Pepino, and Chairfight with Goldfrapp drummer Daisy Palmer.
Their debut self-titled album is due for release in August 2017.

For more information or enquiries please contact Rich:
+44 7812 032720
Twitter/Instagram: @RichKeeble

Listen to the forthcoming album here

RKMAMS 12X12 v2

The debut self-titled album is due for release in August 2017 on Rich’s own label, My Telephone Voice, as a digital download and limited-edition cassette.

All songs written by Rich Keeble
Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Jon Clayton at One Cat Studios, Brixton, London (December 2016/January 2017)
Mastered by Kenny MacLeod
Design: Jon Shortt
Cover photo: Edd Wright
Band photo: Pritham D’Souza

Track listing
1. Bellend Tattoo
2. You Took My Stuff
3. My Doppelganger
4. Belt Loop
5. herebutitsnottoseemeitsmywife
6. David
7. Don’t Park Up My Drive
8. As Voted For (by the Readers of Prima Magazine)
9. You’ll Do For Now
10. Oh No, I Know! (Part 2)
11. Lunch
12. Nobody’s Listening

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