A Criminal Audition ends

Just come off stage after Meridius' first appearance. Photo: Fleur Wylie

So all good things come to an end. Also, this play came to an end (Just kidding, Luke). The last 2 nights were really good, and the (sell out!) crowds were amazing. Thanks to everyone who came down and made this week a really enjoyable one.

Luke, Rob, Stefan and some idiot. Isn't Stefan cool? Photo: Fleur Wylie.

Despite drinking about a gallon of undiluted lemon cordial (with toothpaste mixed in)*, having to fall on my face then getting sat on every night, getting slapped in the face every night,  shouting myself hoarse, running around the stage in flip flops trying not to slip on crushed Skips, not being able to relax until I’d successfully made the phone ring in my pocket and then done my harmonica bit… I had a great time. Luke, Rob, Stefan, Hannah, Fleur, Pete: it was a pleasure working with you. I hope I never see you again.

Hannah and Fleur. Shame we didn't get a full cast photo. Photo: I don't actually know who took this.

*it was pointed out to me on the penultimate night, that we probably could’ve diluted the cordial without anybody realising. That would’ve been cheating though.