A Criminal Audition

I meant to post this up before now, but rehearsals and fitting in shooting a TV pilot (which I’ll post about later) have kept me busy, among other things. Anyway, last night was our opening night for A Criminal Audition, a play written by and starring Luke Kaile. I’m playing a character called Meridius who is basically crazy and spends the entire play in a dressing gown threatening people, creeping people out, and shouting a lot. It’s an interesting play for many reasons, but what stands out for me is the fact that I went to see this play last year in its original form, and now I’m in it as the only new character amongst the original cast.

It doesn’t take a vast audience to make the Etcetera look rammed, but it was packed out with a great crowd who seemed to enjoy it, and I think the play is very well suited to an intimate setting. I look forward to the rest of the run and will post up some photos shortly.