Castings, Cottaging and Carr

Hello there! Now I always say, why leave a month without posting something when you can leave two months? I know everone’s busy but the last few weeks have just shot past, and here we are nearly at Christmas already! Anyway, a few things have been happening with me, as you’re here: we released Episode 3 of All in the Method – I didn’t post it here basically cos I didn’t get round to it – and have already made great progress with the scripts for Episodes 4 and 5 (a 2-parter!)

Another Muzzle the Pig comedy sketch has also been filmed – I was due to appear with Luke and others but unfortunately had to drop out as I had a recall casting. Also, I’ve done some voiceovers, including something for a documentary about cottaging (you heard me), I’ve done some Shakespeare at the Actors Centre, I’ve even done some singing on some tracks that should hopefully be out and about soon, and of course there’s the very exciting news that I’ve filmed another comedy sketch, with more lines and ‘me’ time, for Alan Carr’s New Year’s Specstacular, due to be shown at 9pm on Channel 4 (on NYE).

I’m sure there’s more going on, but I have to rush off and get a sandwich, and besides, if I can’t be bothered to write it, why the hell should you be bothered to read it?

See ya!