Edinburgh 2014

That’s right kids. That young upstart Luke Kaile and I are heading up to the fringe this year. We’re doing 12 shows from the 13th to 24th August at 18:45 at the Globe Bar, and if the London shows were anything to go by, it’s gonna be great! Speaking of which….

Thanks to Miranda Dawe, James Bennison and Wes Dalton for joining us in those shows. As you can see, a lot of the show involves me swearing and pulling faces. You’d pay good money to see that wouldn’t you? Well you don’t have to cos it’s on the PBH Free Fringe. Check us out right here! I also did a little interview with Short Com which is right here!

Anyway, as that trailer says, we’re making a bloody film out of our journey. We’re driving up in a camper van, and filming all the hilarious goings on that that’s bound to inspire, like me needing to pull over for a wee, and Luke not looking when pulling out of a junction. Amazing! We should have some great guest stars on board as well! And maybe we’ll do some podcasts! Maybe there’ll be more Backgammon on the Toilet! I hope so! I’ll try and bombard you all with as much tedious, annoying shit as I can! See ya soon!