Fortune, dir: Alex Swinfen

Ruining Toby Manley's date with Fiona Ryan in Fortune. Dir: Alex Swinfen.

In May I filmed a small role in a short film called Fortune, directed by Alex Swinfen, which follows a guy (played by Toby Manley) as he goes through a bizarre day in which a girl he fancies (played by Fiona Ryan) invites him to dinner, despite constantly ignoring him before and seemingly being involved with the office bully. I played a waiter who interupts their meal during a pivotal scene in the protagonists realisation that all is not as it seems.

I had a great time filming the character, which the director wanted to be really rude and smarmy. In rehearsals we did a lot of improvisation where I got to dish out a lot of sarcastic and obscenity riddled remarks. Unfortunately we didn’t actually use any of it, but it was great for character development and insulting people you barely know is always good for a laugh.