Goodbye Sergeants Live for ONLY A POUND this Friday

So, just when you thought it couldn’t any better, with the prospect of a 4 day weekend coming up, let me tell you this: It does get marginally better. Well, I guess it’s subjective.
But anyway, the next Goodbye Sergeants gig is this Friday 6th April at the Watershed in Wimbledon, and it’ll only cost you ONE POUND to get in with our flyer:


We obviously can’t do this very often, so come along even if you wouldn’t normally bother, bring everyone you know, and it’ll be a great night. The headliners are actually quite good as well (for once), and you can drink all day before hand, and then afterwards till 3AM!
We also have some extra musicians on stage this time, so we’re pretty excited that it’s gonna be a great show. Hopefully see you there: