Guy Burgess is Over

With Gareth Pilkington and Margarita Nazarenko in A Morning with Guy Burgess, Courtyard Theatre 2011. Photo: Mitzi de Margary

On Sunday 30th January we did our thing for the 18th and last time. I meant to actually update this blog at least a couple of times during the run to try and give a feel for how the play was developing over the weeks. I never got round to it though did I. Doing 6 nights a week while working 5 days a week as well doesn’t really leave a lot of free time to be honest. However, I will say thank you very much to everyone who came down to see the play – it really was greatly appreciated. I had a great time acting with, and getting to know the cast and crew, and hope to see everyone again soon. We even had some good reviews, got mentioned on the BBC Review Show, got some great photos out of it (check out my photo page), and nothing really went wrong. I have learned that I can’t swing a golf club properly, that  Russian is quite a difficult language, but most importantly of all that no matter how many times I pretend to kiss and be fellated by another man while wearing a swastika armband… it never gets any less awkward.

John Morrison, the writer, very kindly gave us all postcards after the final night, and I’ll leave you with mine as I just think it’s really nice of him.