I Quit Sergeant Buzfuz

Yes, on Saturday 21st March I played my last gig with Sergeant Buzfuz at the New Cross Inn.

The supporting band was Dynamo Garage, who were actually pretty good. The singer sounded a bit like the guy from Shed 7, but I didn’t hold that against them. The drummer was amazing, and when I told him he just said “thanks” instead of “yeah, I know” like some arrogant dicks do, so good on him. Anyway, after the gig I couldn’t actually remember any of their songs, but I remembered they were good, so check them out.

So why did I decide to quit? It wasn’t anything to do with the music or the other band members, I just didn’t really feel like playing gigs at the moment, and didn’t want to be committed to anything right now. At the time of writing this, I have no other gigs lined up with Goodbye Sergeants or The Pistol Gang either, so I am just looking forward to a bit of a break, taking some pressure, and just seeing what happens.