Lidl old “Mr Three Ads”

So as of Sunday 1st November, the new Lidl Christmas advert has been all over the internet and presumably the TV. This is the 60 second version and I’m in it after about 16 seconds talking about lobster to a very nice gentleman who’s name I’m afraid I’ve since forgotten. Obviously my appearance is very brief, and I don’t know if I will appear in another version or “lesson”, but I’m very pleased to see some really nice performances from my other teacher friends. My “class” was literally a cookery lesson so wasn’t one of the jokey ones involving the director’s dog or sprouts in kettles, so let’s see if any of that surfaces at some point!

But here we are guys… with my Topcashback and Property Partner adverts still showing (see previous posts) you can call me Rich “Three Ads” Keeble. What do you think about that eh? Or Rich “Too much ginger on my TV, please get off” Keeble? Oh come on, at least Property Partner is a Voiceover…? Guys…?

(The whole Lidl Christmas campaign is trending rather enthusiastically at #SchoolOfChristmas)