Pistol Gang back at the Dublin Castle Dec 11th 2009

Paint Your Own

Broken English
On Saturday 11th December, the Pistol Gang went back to the Dublin Castle in Camden, the venue for our first (disastrous) gig where Sam cut his eye open with his guitar. This time he cut his head open again, but by smashing the mic into his head repeatedly. Don’t try that at home kids.

It was actually a great gig though: Matt was back for a one-off on bass, and I really enjoyed locking in with him. I also didn’t play like shit because I was sober, and a random guy I met on the train the day before came along and bought be drinks afterwards. That all actaully cancelled out the annoyance from the 2 pretentious twat bands who each insisted on bringing their own drums, but then wouldn’t let anyone else use them. Get over yourselves.