Pistol Gang & The Preacher at the Hope & Anchor, 14/10/08

top tash

OK so yet again, as we were soundchecking at 7-something and weren’t on stage till 10-something, I managed to be drunk once again despite my best efforts to only have ‘a couple’ beforehand. However, I think it was the best show so far, and it was cool crowd. Also got to hang out with The Sneaks, a pretty cool band from New Zealand who’s bassist James wore a helmet with a mic stuck in it the whole show. Yeah it’s been done but I love that shit.

Matt’s friend Keefer, who is possibly both the nicest and the most tattooed man I’ve ever met, did some videoing too which was very kind of him. You can check out 2 of the songs below: our cover of Biffy Clyro’s Eradicate the doubt (I made a little mistake but it’s not that obvious), and our song Valentine.

Pistol Gang & The Preacher – Valentine

Pistol Gang & The Preacher – Eradicate The Doubt (Biffy Clyro)

I should also emphasise that although you can hardly see me in these videos at all, I really was there. It wasn’t just Sam and Matt and a drum machine. A drum machine wouldn’t make mistakes like that for starters. Also, check out Matt’s tash. Isn’t he handsome? He should definately bring that back.