scAIRcrows again

Filming scAIRcrows, dir: Chris Galagher.

So usually I only post about things here when I’ve actually got a still from the film or whatever (unless it’s a gig flyer!). Having already bucked that trend by posting about this film before I’d actually filmed my part, I’m going to post about the same film again before I’ve even seen an edit. Having said that though, I’m only going to be brief here as I don’t really want to give anything away about the scene, other than the fact that I die in a fairly cool and messy way.

This shoot was a bit unsual though from my experience, as originally my scene was me performing a magic trick to 4 ‘friends’. This was then cut to 2 friends, and then on the day of the shoot when we were in position and all ready to go, one of my ‘friends’ just didn’t turn up, so the scene was then changed to just Miranda, the other actress who had turned up, and me.

It could have been a real disaster as it was freezing cold waiting for this guy, but we ended up having a great laugh nonetheless. I even improvised a fairly childish and expletive-heavy few lines about the other actor/’friend’ not turning up, which Chris the director actually decided to keep in, much to my amazement. Chris has actually written about Miranda and me in a very favourable light on his blog, for which I thank him very much. I look forward to seeing the final cut. Also, I should say thanks to Jenny for the spare jeans after mine got covered in blood. Naturally the T-shirt and suit jacket they supplied at the beginning of the filming were completely blood-free, but that’s all part of the fun!