Solo show at the Halfmoon, Putney

So it would seem that interestingly* my first gig as a married man is also my first proper solo show.
I’ll be playing at the Halfmoon Unplugged night on Monday 19th January, so please come along if you can. I’ll only be playing a very short set, but it’s only a couple of quid to get in, and there’s loads of other acts worth checking out too. Here’s the listing:

1030 Ryan O’Reilly  
1010 Roger Styles
950 Gus Macgregor
930 Jono and the Jackdaws
910 Alex Priddice  
850 Rich Keeble  
830 Richard James
815 Redvers Bailey

I haven’t actually decided what I’ll be playing yet, but it’ll probably be a mixture of Goodbye Sergeants songs and the other stuff I’ve been putting up on 

Naturally the fact that I can’t blame anyone but myself for anything going wrong on the night scares the crap out of me.

Halfmoon Putney, 93 Lower Richmond Road, London SW15

*not really I suppose