RKVP at Raindance 2016

So yesterday they announced the Raindance Webfest 2016 programme. Now we knew that Rich Keeble Vanity Project had been selected, and would be screened at the festival which was all very exciting – we’d been told to keep it quiet until the official announcement of course. My previous series All in the Method had been an official selection back in 2013, and the whole experience was rather nice, seeing it up there on the big screen, chatting to some lovely people. What we didn’t realise was that we’d been nominated for Best UK Web series with only 4 other shows! Wow! And the other shows look like they had a budget! Jeez! So that’s us rather smugly enjoying a free drink at the festival launch party at JuJu in Chelsea last night. What we then found out… after Edd was casually looking at the programme on his phone, was that we’ve also been nominated for BEST WRITING! Un-be-fucking-lievable! I’d actually be very surprised if we won either category, but we’re genuinely over the moon to be nominated, and it’s certainly gonna be a fun festival. You can hear Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol saying our (my) name at about 10:44 in this video.

On the RKVP subject, the British Comedy Guide have been very good to us, and featured us in this interview. I’m also over the moon that Chortle mentioned us without slagging us off!