A Lidl bit of this and that

hi guys! So what’s new with you? OK I’ll talk about me for a bit. You probably thought that after my amazing, arguably scene stealing (double scene stealing as I was in two scenes) appearance on The Delivery Man that I’d decided to quit at the top. Retire undefeated if you will. Well no, don’t worry. I’ve just been doing stuff a bit more behind the scenes and haven’t really had the time or motivation to update this blog that nobody reads.

Anyway, my good friend and collaborator Luke Kaile kindly gave me a cameo in his new dark short The Dependents, which is a kind of precursor to his feature The Criminal Audition. This short is also directed by Sam Gridley and features Noeleen Comiskey and Scott Samain. I had some nice little scenes where I could mess around with some blood and knifes in a darkly comic manner, and chase an actress across a field. Should be entered into festivals soon I hear.

Luke, Sam and I have also been working on series 2 scripts for our award winning web series All in the Method. I think it’s coming on really well and I’m actually really looking forward to trying to get that off the ground soon. The idea is an 8 episode series with an arc, but with individual genres for each episode a bit like what we played with in the last 2 epsiodes of the last series. Watch this space…

In June I signed with a new voice agent – Loud & Clear Voices. Jamie is doing a great job for me, getting me castings for video games and the odd TV advert job.. that’s right guys. I recently did a voiceover for a Property Partner advert which should be out soon I think. I also did a voiceover for a Carphone Warehouse advert a few weeks ago but I don’t know when that’s coming out.

I spent quite a lot of July hurriedly catching Edinburgh previews (Lou Sanders, Katia Kvinge, Ali Brice etc) before being cast in the Lidl christmas advert (get the blog title now?) Quite a big thing really – lots of improv and hopefully some nice comedy moments have come out of it despite it being one hell of a shoot! That should air in October I understand until christmas, on TV and in cinemas. I should point out that I had a really great time working with some great actors on that shoot – Ben Green (already a good friend of mine), Martin Collins (previously a FB friend!), Sandy Foster (who was in the same series of McDonalds adverts as me), Katy Schutte, Cicely Giddings, Rosanna Lambe, and dear old Colin Manford (brother of Jason).

But perhaps most exciting of all, is the new podcast Sam LeGassick and I have started… the accompaniment to the hugely successful Rich Keeble Vanity Project… I give you… the Rich Keeble Vanity Podcast! Available now on iTunes, and Soundcloud for free. You’re welcome.