In the Bath – my debut solo album

My second release in as many days is a very special one for me ladies and gentlemen as it is my debut solo album. Thank you. But it’s perhaps not what you’d expect. It is available on limited edition CD that comes with a rubber duck and a teabag. Also on Spotify. Amazing right? Here are the liner notes:

This is the debut solo album from Rich Keeble, recording artist, actor, lover, and a unique, personal insight into just over 47 minutes of his life, recorded one afternoon in May 2018.

The album allows us to experience, and immerse ourselves completely, in the voyeuristic delight of sharing a bath with the artist. During the first track “In the Bath” we hear the running of the water, the adjustment of temperature, and the subsequent lowering of the naked body into the bath. What follows is a roller coaster ride of emotions as we, the listener, enjoy the sounds of the artist washing, scratching, coughing, sighing, sniffing, and drinking from a cup of tea. Sometimes there is just silent thought. On other occasions we are rewarded with external road traffic or other building services noise.

As we segue into the second and final track, “Out the Bath”, we are surely hooked on what might happen next, listening with heightened intensity over the next 20 or so minutes before he literally pulls the plug on the whole album. Was that a fart or a stomach noise? Will he sing or play up to the microphone in some way? Will the phone ring? Will he finish that fucking tea? The answers lie…. In the Bath. 5 Stars.