Pistol Gang & The Preacher debut gig, Dublin Castle, 29/9/08


So it’s taken me a while to write this because we only just got the photos back, but even now I would have to say, that was probably the most ramshackle gig I have ever played, but also one of the most fun.

We had a good turnout considering most people who know us at this stage are probably south of the river, so thanks to everyone who made the effort, especially on a school night. Sorry we played every song about ten times as fast as it should’ve been.

everything always sounds better if you shout

Probably the most memorable bit for me was at the very end during Vaudeville when I was just making a load of random noise on the kit, then looked up to see Sam’s guitar on the stage, and Sam in the crowd with blood all over his face. The crazy young scamp had only gone and split his eyebrow open with his guita hadn’t he! Bless him. Went to A&E and everything. The youth of today.

Sam LG - what a 'bloody' fool. hahahahah
Sam LG - what a "bloody" fool. hahahahah