scAIRcrows, dir: Chris Gallagher

(c) Chris Gallagher /

I don’t normally post about roles I’m filming before I’ve actually done the filming. This is because I don’t have a lot to actually write about, and perhaps more importantly, I don’t have a photo or still from the shoot to make the post look more interesting and prove that I don’t just make all this stuff up.

However, in this case I thought I’d break the trend because firstly I was sick of seeing my post about my burst appendix, and secondly because the makers of the short film “scAIRcrows” (about killer scarecrows that fly) which I will be involved in, are regularly updating a blog about the whole film making process, which is an interesting read. At the time of writing, a lot of the filming has already taken place, but I’ll be doing my scene mid-September. Without giving too much away, I’m looking forward to having a good bit of dialogue before being killed in a gruesome fashion, especially since the last bit of filming I did before going under the knife for real, was also fairly blood focussed (Tax Cuts).

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