No Small Matter

Massive house of cards? Or 2 men holding up a small one on a breadboard just out of shot?

A few weeks ago I was asked by Jon Kerby and Paul Jones (who I worked with on Tax Cuts and respect immensly – although I’d never tell them that) to star in a short film they were going to make as part of the Smoke and Mirrors 48 hour film festival. The idea is you get given a theme for your film at 7pm on the Friday, then have till 7pm on the Sunday to write, film, edit and submit your finished film to them. The theme was ‘size’ and a great script was written by Chris Silver, which basically involved me as some weirdo bursting into a married couple’s house and competing with the husband (played by Chris) in trying to impress his wife (played by Chris’ actual girlfriend Sofia).

I won’t spoil it too much as I’ll wait until it’s online, but I had to burst in on the two of them in the shower, getting in between them ‘naked’, stuff my face with a fried breakfast which was fairly cold by the time we got to filming (and I had a hangover), and end up ‘naked’ again in their lounge.

I’ve put a couple of photos up in my photos section, and I apologise if one of them in particular makes you feel a little ill.