2012: The Year of the Vanity Project

Now first I’d like to point something out. In my last post I talked about Jenny Gayner and I said that if you read my blog you’ll already know she played my sister in sitcom pilot Rules of Life. Of course, I haven’t actually ever posted about Rules of Life. And I’m not going to now. Nor am I going to write much about The Addicted, the film in which I appear and Jenny stars, and which I posted about last month. Where I talked about Jenny. Remember? Anyway, coverage of that film appears to be increasing, and if you check out Sean’s latest production diary, you’ll even catch a little glimpse of me.

Aaaaaaaaaanywaaaaaaaaaaaaay…. Since my last post we’ve shot and nearly finished editing my first self written short film. It’s called “A Slightly Exaggerated Reenactment of a Voicemail I Never Actually Left for Tom Lenk”. I’m not going to explain anything about it yet, apart from the fact I star in it. Vanity Project.

We’ve had to put a bit of a hold on that now as DOP/editor Paul Jones has a life (what a selfish bastard) but no fear, I soon had the idea of writing a sitcom, which I star in. Vanity Project. Well actually co-star, with my friend Luke Kaile who wrote last year’s A Criminal Audition, and this year’s Halfway House. The project has gone from a vague idea I had for a pilot to a full comedy web series which we are already in pre-production for. We hope to get the pilot episode up in May. And then put the rest up regardless of how well the pilot does. Vanity Project.

As I mentioned Halfway House, I might as well talk about that. We’ve started rehearsing and all is going well, except for something I’ve never encountered before. A role was assigned to an actor who performed very well in the audition. Apparantly. We had a readthrough in which the actor didn’t seem quite so suited. Actor was replaced. I’ve missed out some steps there along with the actor’s name, but I will confirm that it isn’t me. I know what you were thinking.

Oh yeah, and I’ve got a couple of other short film ideas. Starring me. Vanity Projects. Let’s not go into those here.