The Addicted

Back in September I filmed a couple of scenes for a horror feature called The Addicted. I was cast by the excellent Jenny Gayner, who if you read the crap I post on here you may recall played my sister in comedy pilot Rules of Life, and is currently appearing in Chicago at the Garrick in which she sometimes plays the lead. As well as being a producer and casting director on The Addicted, she is the star alongside Sean J.Vincent who also wrote and directed.  

Now I’m only a relatively small character – I play a TV Executive to whom Jenny’s character comes with her reporting footage on video, after which I send her away to get something more meaty which kick starts what happens for the majority of the film – but from what I’ve seen of little snippets and stills from the film, it’s looking pretty good. Having read the whole script I know it’s gonna be pretty dark too.

Anyway, there is currently a competition up on the Empire forum to design the poster and associated artwork for the DVD. There is some great stuff up on there I have to say. Also Sean is regularly updating his blog which details about the post production etc along with video diaries.  I won’t post too much else here as I’m sure Sean would prefer you to visit his blog. However, here’s the first video link:

Don’t have nightmares.