Delivering Vanity Projects

hi guys! It’s been a while again hasn’t it. It feels like I’ve been really busy but I can’t really remember what I’ve been up to now. Well, I suppose the most relevant things at the time of writing are that firstly I’ll be in an episode of The Delivery Man on ITV on 9th May – I should be in 2 scenes both of which were great fun to do with Paddy McGuiness. Secondly, we’ve just started releasing our new web show Rich Keeble Vanity Project, which is embedded above. I did this with 2 of my telly friends who basically shot and edited it. We shot loads of improvised stuff in a day, and then edited it down to 6 short episodes. I’m actually pretty pleased with it, although I’m sure it’s not for everyone!

Other than that, Luke Kaile and I shot a sketch last weekend – the first thing we’ve properly done together since Edinburgh really. Series 2 of All in the Method is still being written and our Edinburgh film being edited, but other than that he’s still been busy with pre-production of his film The Criminal Audition, and a new short film shooting in June.

I’ve also been doing some corporate work for a lovely production team called Doubleshot – I played a comic narrator/presenter character in a big interactive training film for Zurich (so a lot of their employees will be bombarded with my stupid face). The director was the lovely Mark McGann. I’m doing some more work with them next week for another comic training film where it looks like I’m playing a slightly annoying store manager (who is also the narrator/presenter type character). Actually I’ve got quite a lot of lines to learn so I should get off here and crack on with that.

Speak to you soon guys. Don’t forget I’m still posting short Vine videos so please check those out if you can! See ya!