Falling, Filming and Festivals

Good afternoon! So this morning I actually fell over in the street. I just literally fell over, for no reason. Smashed my phone, cut my hand open, knee and ankle. Bled everywhere. Didn’t break my hip though or forget my granddaughter’s name so there’s hope for me yet. Anyway, perhaps today’s incident was the universe balancing out some of the excellent news I have to share from the last few weeks. Notice I said the universe, and not God. You know why I didn’t say God don’t you.

First, that lovely photo up there is a still from the All in the Method Episode 4&5 shoot we did at the end of Jan and beginning of Feb. We did a 14 hour day, plus 2 more 12 hour days to get the ridiculous amount of planned shots, but my god, what a great job the crew did. We had our biggest crew yet, and we couldn’t have done it without them. Got some beautiful shots. The actors were amazing a well. Check out the IMDb page for the full list. There were even some shots that looked good that Luke and I weren’t  in! Hard to believe, but true. The footage is now in the hands of a great editor so we wait in anticipation and hope the sound actually recorded properly etc etc…

Also, while you’re over at the IMDb you may notice a little 45 seconds teaser trailer on the page that yours truly threw together. Feel free to share that around and keep the fact that those clips are the only funny bits to yourself.

The other exciting bit of news is that my slightly forgotten, ludicrously titled comedy short “A Slightly Exaggerated Re-enactment of a Voicemail I Never Actually Left for Tom Lenk” that I made with Paul Jones is an official selection for the 2013 Norwich Film Festival! I’m not lying. We didn’t get nominated for anything, but it’s still nice damn you. I also love the way our title is too long for them. We don’t abide by no rules.