Watch Paddington Bear

I’ve just watched a 3rd cut of Episodes 4 and 5 of All in the Method and I like what I see. There’s just a few more notes to send to the editor (needs more of me, less of Luke etc), before some ambitious sound design and composition takes place. I think we’re looking at a screening mid-May, and hopefully by then we’ll be on the way to filming Episode 6…

Ooh, check out this interview that Luke and I did.

And what if I told you that Luke and I are also about to start filming a new web sketch show? What if I said it will consist of simple 3 minute sketches that we will bang out more quickly and regularly because they won’t take “fucking ages” to produce like Method or the Muzzle the Pig Presents… sketches? You really wouldn’t care? Fine.

In other news I’ve been watching the original 1970’s stop motion series of Paddington Bear. It is seriously cracking me up. That bear is a damn comedy genius. Check out 3.19 in this episode when he falls in the bath. We could seriously learn something.