Feed Me! by Mike Coleman, dir: Richard Lavery

Me (as Ken), with Edward Simpson (as Jimmy) (Photo © Hazel Dunlop)

On Saturday, June 12th 2010, I appeared in a rehearsed reading of FEED ME! by Mike Coleman, directed by Richard Irvine Lavery. This was part of the fourth ‘Sitcom Saturday’, conceived and organised by Alice Josephs, founder of RealDeal Theatre, a Saturday evening event presenting six new sitcoms as professionally directed and acted out script-in-hand performances. It was held at Westminster Reference Library, London, and seemed to actually go down pretty well.

I don’t mean it to sound like I didn’t think it would, but I did have to perform in a Yorkshire accent, which I thought was a recipe for disaster. Still, I would like to thank Richard for casting me in the production, Mike for not questioning his decision (well, not in front of me anyway), and all the cast for being great to work with, in particular John Patton, who gave me some very useful guidance!