Tax Cuts, dir: Jon Kerby

Me as Isaac, with Paul Davis as Jeremy, my assistant

In April we started work on a great independant horror/black comedy called Tax Cuts, in which I was lucky enough to be cast as Isaac, one of the main roles. Without giving too much away, I play a ‘bailiff’ type of Tax collector in a world where blood donations are mandatory. Those who fail to pay their donations on time are paid a visit by me, along with my psychotic assistant Jeremy, played by Paul Davis, who take the blood by force (Tax Cuts – get it?).

The first half of the film is in a documentary style, with interviewer Fiona (Julia Cornish) and cameraman Tom (Rob Wainwright) following Isaac and Jeremy as they go about their business. Things take a turn for the worse when we find out that Tom’s daughter Zoe (Elizabeth Lace) owes a considerable debt, which brings Tom’s wife Emily (Emma Hay) and brother Derek (Jack Dean) in to the picture, and a bit of good old fashioned bloodshed.

We finished filming on the 3rd and 4th July, so the film is now in post production. Directed by Jon Kerby with admirable assistance from a great crew, in particular Jack Dean, this was a really great project to work on, and I can’t wait to see the finished edit. I was particularly moved when I learned that they wrote me some new lines for the last filming session inspired from the way I portayed the character during the first session. A great experience. I understand the film will be entered into next year’s FrightFest festival, among others.