Goodbye Sergeants update – August 2008

So what has been going on with Goodbye Sergeants of late? If you’ve been checking the site/blog or the myspace you’ll see things have been a little quiet, but that doesn’t mean we’re not doing anything, far from it! The last show the band played was back on June 1st, on the bandstand in Sutton town centre. Pretty random gig really, especially as our slightly-acquired-taste-noise was following 2 acts playing covers, you know of like, recogniseable songs! It was a great gig though, probably the best since MJ joined the band, and people seemed to actually enjoy the tunes too, which was an unexpected bonus for us! I remember the sound guy asking us if we could ‘tone it down’ before we went on; I remember ignoring that, then I remember getting really wasted afterwards and not a lot else. Oh, now I do remember jumping off the stage to go and sing with a child who seemed to be getting into the music, but then stopping a bit short when I realised I was scaring the hell out of her.

So yeah, as for ‘updates’ on GS, we’re currently working on new music, which is why we haven’t done any gigs for a while. Also, we thought it would be cool to have a bit of a break anyway, go on holidays, make music with other people, that kind of thing.

We went into the studio a couple of weeks ago, just before I went on holiday, and just spent a couple of hours getting down drums for 4 new tracks. jon’s obviously the best drummer ever, so it didn’t take him long to nail the parts. We’re then gonna record everything else ourselves. So far, Jules has redone his bass, I’ve re-recorded my guitars, and started the vocals for 2 of the tracks round Matt’s. I have to say, Matt is an absolute genius, not only with the guitar, but when it comes to production, it is just amazing listening to some of these first mixes he’s done, and I can’t wait for you to hear them once they’re finished. I’ll be posting some official updates on the GS site and Myspace when they’re up.

In the meantime, Matt is also lending his skills to another little project I’m involved with…