Hatty’s Silly Radio Show

Me, Hatty and Laura

I just ate a piece of rum cake that was pretty boozy, and now I’m drunk. So drunk, apparently, that I just had to go back and retype “piece” which I’d spelt as “peace”. Anyway, I was on Hatty Ashdown’s radio show on Croydon Radio this Saturday just gone, co-hosted by Laura Carr. I was there to talk about All in the Method, which we filmed around Croydon, including in Matthews Yard – where the radio show is done! I had no idea about that. Luke was supposed to be on with me…. but he wasn’t.

It was a good laugh, Hatty and Laura were very nice, and we talked about a load of stuff I can’t remember. It was quite funny I think. I remember someone messaged in to ask if I ever got mistaken for Ade Edmondson. Laura Carr actually kicked me at one point. You can listen here, and I’m on after about 40 minutes until the end. If you listen at the start though, Hatty rather amusingly can’t pronounce Luke’s surname (from when she was still expecting him to be on the show… *ahem*).

Aren’t we cool?

Keep an eye out for Hatty’s sitcom on Sky Living, that she wrote: Give out Girls. Also, keep an eye out for what Laura’s up to stand up/etc wise.