Do you like magic?

Yes! Oh wait. Kind of, I suppose. I quite like it. Sorry, I didn’t really understand the question. Anyway, that David Bussell likes magic! Check him out in the latest Hunka Wunda installment above! And wait, who’s that handsome guy in the glasses? It’s Matthew Stott. OK, what about the bald guy in the glasses. That’s me, and basically what I’m trying to say is that I’m in it. Innit. And hang on…. Derren Brown has commented on the video? He’s famous isn’t he? Yes. He is.

In other news, that prolific bastard Luke Kaile has written the first two pilot episodes of a new comedy web series called Against the Clock. Luckily for everyone, he’s given me a recurring cameo as a weird neighbour who’s always doing something bizarre when Luke and his on screen girlfriend Cristina Lark burst in on him, in a “why doesn’t he lock the door” kind of a way. They were filmed a couple of weeks ago and are probably going to sit around for a bit as they’re going to be entered into a competition, and perhaps they’ll be released after that. I JUST DON’T KNOW. Ooh, sorry.

And in other, other news, Luke and I performed a couple of live sketches at the Actors Centre Comedy Fix a couple of weeks ago, which seemed to go down pretty well, and which probably means we’ll film them as part of our up and coming online sketch show, and we finally got round to doing another episode of our podcast, where we talk about a whole load of crap and bollocks in the hope that there is a smidgeon of comedy in there somewhere. Free download from iTunes! Talk to ya later!