Hunka Wunda and More Method

Hello again. I’ve started getting involved with a new internet sketch show called Hunka Wunda produced by David Bussell & Matthew Stott. I’ve recorded a couple of voiceovers for them (including the one above) and have just appeared in one set for future release. This one was written by Madeleine Brettingham. Her and Stott have actually written for Mitchell & Webb, and Graham Linehan among others, so that’s jolly exciting.

In other news, Method 5 is out, and so is our first podcast!

Episode 5 concludes The Action Hero story (rather well we think/hope) and the podcast is basically Luke and I bantering about the screening we did (for Episodes 4 &5) as well as some random topics, and sharing some interviews from the screening. You can actually subscribe to the podcast on iTunes here, and listen direct on Soundcloud here:

More podcasts to come soon!