New Topcashback TV ad

So here it is! A couple of days shooting in Bucharest with a great crew of about 70 I think, and roughly a similar amount of extras has led to this piece of work that I’m very proud of! Clearly a very technical shoot with far less visual effects than you might think, we filmed all of that in different locations or sets (as opposed to just using a blue screen – they really built that catwalk, that was a real pool, and they really smashed that car windscreen.) The hardest part was trying to walk at the same speed in every scene while not looking where I’m going and delivering subtlety different lines for different versions. But anyway, I think it’s turned out great. Phil the director, Ed the DOP and Nick the producer were great to work with as were all the Romanian cast and crew. The guys from Topcashback were on set too and were lovely as always. They talk about the ad on their blog here, and director Phil Hawkins discusses the shoot on his website here.