Smoking is bad for your… comedy sketch

Don't I look cool?

This is going back a bit now as we filmed this in July, but I’ve recently seen a rough cut of this comedy sketch we did for the Muzzle the Pig website so thought I’d post this. Basicaly me and Luke Kaile are cheating in a charity race and Rob Wainwright is getting increasingly annoyed at the fact and confronts me at the end. I thought it would be cool to be smoking a cigarette (I’m a bit of a loser like that), so someone very kindly brought a couple of their Mum’s leftovers for the shoot… but no lighter. We’re in the middle of Greenwich Park and there are no smokers around. Disaster. Until… I spot a guy with a lit cigarette. He gives me a light. Smoking on camera can often be a pain, making sure the length of it doesn’t keep changing in different shots, but I now had the added nuisance that I couldn’t let this thing go out for fear of never getting it lit again. I was also on a tight schedule. And of course, outside filming being the way it is, I was down to about the last inch of the last barely lit cigarette before we could do my close ups, so it probably looks ridiculous after all that. Life is so hard.