The Post

On the weekend of 28th to 30th October I took part in the Smoke & Mirrors 48 hour film festival, the very same festival that last year produced what we lovingly refer to as ‘the wanking film’. Have I told you about that one? Oh I must do one of these days. Anyway, the ever excellent Paul Jones and Niamh Mulcahy enlisted my services, along with Ewan Henesy and Matthew Leigh, to make a film in 48 hours, the theme of which was revealed as ‘Lost’.  After a Saturday spent in Morden Hall Park, running around being crazy, getting stung by nettles and getting generally hot and bothered, followed by a presumably intense editing experience the rest of the weekend, we ended up with something we’re actually pretty pleased with. It didn’t get shortlisted, but nevermind, it’s a pretty interesting piece as far as I’m concerned, and different from what I normally seem to end up doing!