Beastly goings on

Back in March I did some voice work for the new Total War: Warhammer video game. The game came out in May but the voices I did were for the Beastmen DLC (downloadable content as I learned) which came out on July 28th. The reason I’m only posting this now is that A) I signed an NDA, and B) I got a bit behind with posting stuff because of the baby (see last post!). Funnily enough I was due to work on another big video game on that very release date (July 28th), but my girlfriend went into labour 2 weeks before the due date so we had to reschedule! Oh well. I’ll tell you more about that game when that’s all out there!

In the meantime, that’s the Beastmen trailer right there. To be honest, I have no idea if any of my voice is in there (apart from the obvious, it is pitched down), and I’ll probably to struggle to identify myself in any uploaded gameplayso if anyone does find any gameplay on Youtube, pitches up a Beastman voice and thinks it’s me, do let me know!