Rich Keeble Video Game Day! (Strange Brigade & Vermintide)

August 28th was a very special day for gamers everywhere because two new releases came out which feature the voice of yours truly. I played Frank Fairburne, one of the main four player characters in Strange Brigade. I also did motion capture for the cut scenes. Below is the trailer – you can hear me briefly but obviously there’ll be a lot more of me in the game if you choose Frank.

The other character I voiced was for the new Warhammer: Vermintide 2 DLC – Shadows Over Bögenhafen. I provided the voice of The Blightreaper, the Chaos runesword which must be retrieved and unmade. Exciting eh! Here’s the trailer for the DLC – you won’t hear my voice here but you will in the game as the sword kind of whispers in your ear….

I’ll try and upload some game footage soon!